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1. Minimizing environmental impacts (liquid, gas and solid waste) while performing our services, which affect the environment and human.

2. Reducing our consumption of global resources

3. Following and using technology to continuously improve and improve our environmental performance.

4. To increase the amount of waste recycling and disposal of our waste in accordance with the legislation.

5. Implementing the ems system in parallel of legal obligations

6. To provide trainings to all parties (employee, suppliers, etc.) creating the environmental management system with the purpose of setting up environmental awareness

7. Implement the annual environmental training period for employees as 20 hours / employee

8. Global resource (electricity and water etc.) use min. Reduce 5%

9. Ensuring the separation and collection, disposal and recycling of the wastes generated as a result of our activities in accordance with the regulations

10. Allocate 3% of the budget to improve environmental performance

11. Increasing the amount of recyclable waste by 40%

                                                  General Manager

                                            Şükrü Cem ÇIKRIKÇIOĞLU

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